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            CN EN
            New Products 70022


            1500WPower Inverter? ?W/ LCD display


            Rated Input Voltage:12V DC

            Output Voltage:100V-128V AC

            Continuous over 4 hours:1500W

            Output frequency:59-61HZ

            USB Output:3.1A shared

            Number of AC Socket(s):2

            Number of USB Socket(s):2

            Number of DC Socket(s): N/A


            Over voltage protection:V

            Low voltage protectio:V

            Overload protection:V

            Over temperature protection:V



            LED Power & fault indicator:

            Digital Display:N/A

            Remote Control capable:N/A

            "Power bar type" output wattage indicator:N/A

            Finger slide On/Off Switch:N/A

            Voice alarm:N/A

            LED Flashlight:N/A

            LCD Display:V

            Detachable LCD control/display module:N/A

            ? 1分快3计划